Toolkit pngWorkforce Engagement Toolkit

The Step Change in Safety Workforce Engagement Toolkit has been developed to support oil and gas companies in their efforts to measure and improve their levels of workforce engagement at specific work sites. The toolkit will help you:

  • Measure and compare engagement levels at specific worksites
  • Understand areas of strength and weakness
  • Develop improvement action plans

You can download all the toolkit's component parts below.


What is workforce engagement?

Workforce engagement is the active participation of everyone in the workforce in managing and improving safety performance. When engaged, workers feel as able as managers to improve safety where they work. Workforce engagement therefore means that all workers participate in and challenge how safety is managed where they work.

There is clear evidence that a fully engaged workforce will drive a safer workplace and will also result in improved overall business performance. This process does not have a natural end as there will always be opportunities to improve further.


What's in the toolkit?

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The toolkit consists of:

Workforce Engagement - A Practical Guide

Online workforce engagement survey tool

Case studies      

Quick start guide



Section Element Purpose
Getting Started  Introduction to Workforce Engagement in Safety memo/flyer Provides an overview of workforce engagement in safety and the key benefits of an engaged workforce
   A culture of workforce engagement in safety - self-reflection checklist Provides an overview of what a workforce engagement in safety culture is and a simple way to reflect on this
Creating the desire  Poster - What does workforce engagement in safety mean to us? A worksite communication tool designed to raise awareness of workforce engagement as a topic/initiative
  Workforce engagement in safety survey communications pack
Provides a range of communication tools (such as emails/memos) to ensure a shared understanding of the topic
   Engaging communications - self-reflection checklist A self-reflection checklist to help review how well worksite communications help or hinder engagement
Running the survey Guide to completing the Workforce Engagement survey at your worksite A briefing kit for managers and leaders planning to run the workforce engagement survey at their worksite
  Running a survey completion session briefing notes
A detailed administration kit for people responsible for administering the workforce engagement survey at a worksite
Understanding the results Accessing your survey results and focussing on key messages in the survey data
Understanding your survey results and how to communicate them
Action planning Engaging the workforce in simple and effective action planning
A briefing kit for managers and leaders planning to undertake an action planning session at their worksite
   Summary of positive behaviours and common obstacles to workforce engagement in safety A description of the positive behaviours and types of obstacles that typically prevent workforce engagement
Feedback  Improvement activity implementation and review - self-reflection checklist A self-reflection checklist to support the ongoing implementation of actions designed to increase engagement