Major Accident Hazard Awareness Packs 2018

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You may have seen our teaser videos throughout the last week. These short films have led to this moment when we launch our Major Accident Hazard Awareness Programme.

In 2018, we will release a series of working packs to our members. The packs include a short film and a PowerPoint presentation, which can be customised by organisations for the entire firm or specific worksite, to increase awareness of Major Accident Hazards – showcasing how everyone has a part to play in identifying Major Accident Hazards around them and preventing them becoming a major event.

The packs will be released in succession beginning in March with Major Accident Hazards Identification and Risk Assessment. This will be followed in June by Bowties and Safety and Environmental Critical Elements. September will see Barrier Maintenance before finishing with Barrier Assurance and Verification in December.

The packs will be made available on our website via the MAH Understanding resource pages.

The following video is a trailer which outlines what to expect from the coming films.


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