Elected Safety Reps

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Are you an elected safety representative?  Step Change is here to help you!  Watch this space for revised guidance and documents that can help you in your role.  Download the Safety Rep Charter.


The G18

The G18 is a group of elected safety representatives who havea huge influence on Step Change in Safety's activities. Since 2011, different members of the G18 have attended every Leadership Team meeting  and speak on behalf of their colleagues on the issues which generate interest or cause concern.  Their presence at these meetings is invaluable and ensures our activities are fully aligned with the workforce. 

The G18 has a voice and is listened to.  If you would like to raise an issue through the G18, please email them.  

"We are the interface between workers and the Step Change Leadership Team.  We have the ability to put the workforce's concerns directly to the Leadership Team for immediate feedback." - Nigel McGillvray, G18