Helicopter Safety

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Step Change in Safety addresses cross-industry issues around helicopter safety and works to strengthen confidence in helicopter travel. We are a platform for sharing information, offering advice and encouraging lessons learned on cross-industry matters that directly influence safety.  

The Passenger Size workgroup was formed in response to the recommendations laid out in the CAA's report CAP1145.  Working closely with the Robert Gordon University, the group determined that all helicopter passengers should have their shoulders measured prior to travelling offshore, to ensure they can fit through helicopter emergency exits.  For more information about passenger size and shoulder measurements, please visit the dedicated Passenger Size page

The EBS workgroup was also formed in response to recommendations laid out in the CAA's report CAP1145. During 2014, the group identified and supported the roll-out of a new emergency breathing system to be used during all helicopter transport in the UKCS.  Now that the system is an industry standard, the EBS workgroup is in consultation with other industry bodies to determine how best to implement the system in offshore safety training. 

Watch the helicopter safety video to find out why you're safe when you fly offshore.