Elected to make a difference: Glen Sheppard

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I've been an elected safety rep (ESR) for more than 15 years, working across five installations with different operators.  I'm also a member of the Step Change ESR group which is identifying and promoting good ESR practices and creating a community where they can share experiences and provide support for each other. 

It has always seemed strange that different companies and different assets utilise their ESRs in different ways.  Some are very good at using ESRs as a valuable resource, developing them and utilising their skills.  Some, however, are not so good. 

Here on Buzzard we have an active ESR community.  We attend video conference meetings with onshore management, set our own agenda at the annual ESR development away days, and operate a Duty Safety Rep rota, a system that works very well on Buzzard. 

The Duty Safety Rep is the ESR focal point for seven days.  Duties include organising our own ESR meetings and those with the OIM, taking and distributing the minutes, gathering the monthly management safety meetings and attending 'meet and greets' with new starts to give green hats a familiar face if they need assistance.  We hope these efforts allow us to better represent our constituents. 

The industry is going through testing times, and this will mean tougher times for everyone.  Perhaps as ESRs we can pass on best practice, find slicker ways of solving issues and help everyone get through these times.

I'd encourage all ESRs to get involved, be as active as you can and get yourself along to Step Change ESR events to meet others and share experiences. 

For the benefit of you and everyone you represent, please, play your part.