Elected to make a difference: Paraic Faherty

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Community.  What does the word mean to you?

The guys who have been working offshore for years may say that camaraderie was stronger in the past, when a sense of being ‘in it together’ was noticeable on every platform.  But now, we have TVs in cabins, Wi-Fi enabled devices and social media – both on- and offshore.  This has meant that the social scene offshore has changed, but perhaps not for the better.  It’s easy to see isolation becoming the default position.

How many sit with others whose attention and presence is...well somewhere else?  How many use the screen on their phone as a way to not have to interact with others?

How we communicate with each other is changing rapidly, and the impact of this is obvious offshore.  Facebook, Twitter and text conversations require our time and attention, but take us away from the people who are around us. 

Face-to-face conversations give you the chance to share common ground and be part of the environment you’re in.  It will be this camaraderie and fellowship that will build mutual respect and a better understanding of what’s going on where you are. So choose to switch off your phone, sit and chat, allow the here and now to inform you.