Elected to make a difference: Patrick Ryan

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I've been working offshore for nine years and have been an elected safety rep (ESR) for the same length of time.  My years have been spent in the Brent field, most of it on the Brent Bravo with WoodGroup PSN and now with Archer. 

I have to say I'm thankful for all of the experiences I've had, and all the people who have set me in good stead for good safety practices by speaking up when things didn't seem right. 

Safety interested me from the get-go and probably stems back to my army days.  Like being offshore, the army is like a close-knit family - you strive to keep each other safe.  You want them to come home to see their son's birthday or be a part of their daughter's wedding.  And you look forward to hearing their stories when they get back. 

I was at home when I heard one of my colleagues got injured on a piece of equipment that is known for taking no prisoners. I felt sick hoping he was ok.  Luckily he was, but it was a sobering thought as it was so close to home and could have been much worse. 

After that, the whole workforce stepped up their game and came up with some good ideas and practices to stop the same thing happening again.  It's always a positive sign, and means the incident has hit home and they don't want to see a colleague hurt again. 

We can all make a positive difference on one scale, and as part of the Step Change safety reps and Leadership Team, I hope I can help to make the difference on a bigger scale. - Patrick Ryan