Here Come the Girls

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Twenty-eight year old Karen McCombie celebrates a decade of working offshore this year.  

Karen is an Offshore Support Planner and Heli Admin on Claymore, and is on the incident management team.

"I went offshore the week after my 18th birthday.  Initially it was just to make good money until I decided what I wanted to do, but I found I enjoyed the offshore life and the career opportunities it offered."

Karen is an elected safety rep and regularly attends Step Change in Safety Leadership Team meetings.  "Over the years I have started to meet women in OIM and managerial positions which is fantastic and inspiring to see.

"I don't think women get treated differently offshore regarding workloads and are given the same respect as a man in the same position.  However, I am lucky to work for Sodexo, who value gender balance and seem to encourage the advancement of women at all levels of the company."

Good colleagues and a good working environment are just two reasons why storekeeper Tone Kari Nilsen enjoys working offshore.  The Norwegian works four weeks on, four weeks off in China, but usually works two weeks on, four weeks off when working in the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

In China, Tone Kari's been building up the store on the new rig COSL Prospector.  "I really enjoy working offshore, the only thing you have to focus on is your job because you live and work in the same place.  It's a good working environment with good colleagues - almost like a small family," says Tone Kari.  "And of course there's the free time when you are off."

"I don't feel that I have to struggle 'to prove' myself in my position.  I can't expect to be treated differently because I'm a woman, and that's what I like.

"I think maybe women should not be afraid to apply for offshore positions and the industry should consider hiring more women in different roles."