How boring are your safety moments?

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Tired of listening to unhelpful safety moments and thinking "that's 10 minutes of my life I'll never get back?"  Want to know how to prevent incidents that could harm you or your colleagues?

Step Change in Safety has the answer.  

Step Change has launched a new online resource to make safety moments more engaging, more helpful and ultimately, keep you and your colleagues safe. 

The Joined-up Thinking Safety Moments will discuss hazards associated with working in the oil and gas industry, and the reasons for and consequences of an incident.  We know safety moments are usually dull, so the new resources are more engaging and interesting.  They are also a way of sharing and learning about good practice that goes on in the industry and have been specifically designed for conversation within meetings, toolbox talks and at events. 

Where can I find them?

You can find these safety moments on the Step Change website, along with all of the supporting material and guidance documents.  Users can also rate each safety moment which will help others decide whether it oculd be useful to them. 

How do I report an incident?

You can report incidents and near-misses via an easy-to-use form on the Step Change website.  The submissions will be read by an industry workgroup who may turn it into a safety moment for the rest of the industry. 

Everything will be kept completemy anonymous so there's no need to inser the date, installation or person responsible when reporting an incident. 

So why are we doing this?

We believe that one of the ways to stay safe is to share experiences and learn from others.  If people are open about what could have gone wrong, or what did go wrong, the whole industry can learn and prevent future incidents. 

Have you got a story about a near miss o rincident that would make a good safety moment?  Report it on the Step Change website.