Major Accident Hazard Workshop

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More than forty senior leaders from oil and gas companies recently attended a workshop to help them understand their responsibilities in managing Major Accident Hazards.  They participated in a number of exercises including creating a generic ‘Bow Tie’ diagram, which aimed to help them clearly identify the barriers that are put in place to prevent a Major Accident occurring.  They were then asked to consider the importance they place on keeping these barriers fully functional in a time of low oil price.  Food for thought…

Pete Jones, MD at TAQA Bratani, attended the workshop.  He said: “The excellent speakers balanced industry, company and external industry perspectives on Major Accident Hazards.

“I took an action to promote and sustain the visibility of the generic Bow Tie which helps show the health of every safety critical barrier, supporting our focus on process safety at TAQA. 

“The workshop was great at highlighting how every person plays a part in managing and maintaining process safety. The Bow Tie representation shows each of us where we fit, a healthy reminder as we work through our day to day tasks.”

Guest speakers at the workshop included Professor Geoff Maitland, author of a report commissioned by the UK government after the Deep Water Horizon tragedy, who presented on the importance of learning from past events and how process safety must be embedded within the culture of an organisation and not just an ‘add-on’.  

David Hainsworth, Field Ops Manager for Total UK presented on how Total responded to the Elgin G4 incident and what it felt like to have the world media at your door.

Madeleine Abas, a health and safety litigation lawyer, got the delegates scribbling in their notepads when she presented on the new guidelines for sentencing health and safety breaches in England and Wales. She informed the audience that these stricter rules and harsher fines are likely to be followed in Scotland.

These presentations and other information on understanding Major Accident Hazards are available on