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I’ve been lucky enough to be employed in the oil and gas industry for 18 years.  

During that time I’ve seen both ends of the safety culture scale and various interpretations of ‘Safety First’.

My father worked in the Clyde shipyards for 50 years.  He went from waving goodbye to his first hardhat as he threw it into the River Clyde, to adopting the PPE we are accustomed to nowadays.  I’m grateful that he’s still going strong, happily retired with digits and mobility intact.

With this in mind, if they made improvements then, there’s still hope to improve the safety culture at some of today’s installations.

My colleagues reinforce good safety daily.  It’s unacceptable not to use basic PPE or the stair code, or not talk through a job thoroughly before we start.

Those under the age of 30 won’t remember a time when we could drive without a seatbelt, while those of us who are older remember differently. That is a perfect example of a positive shift in safety culture.

We all appreciate the difficult times we’re going through, most of which we cannot control.  However let’s make a difference to what we can control.  Look out for one another, don’t put up with even the smallest lapse in safety – we’ve worked hard to achieve our safety culture.  Perhaps you will look back in years to come and share your stories of the positive safety changes in your time offshore…