Super Success for Shell's 10th Annual Safety Day

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Shell held its annual Safety Day in April which marks a decade since the event was first launched. 
The Safety Day involved workers taking part in a range of activities which were held both onshore and on offshore platforms.
This year’s events focused on three areas, ‘Process Safety’, ‘People Safety’ and ‘Road Safety’. 
The Process Safety had interactive activities to explain the concepts of Major Accident Hazards and the controls that are in place to prevent these becoming catastrophic events.
The People Safety area saw workers enjoy a mini health fair including stands on fatigue, resilience and second-hand smoke effects, as well as first aid provisions and vital health checks performed by nurses. 
People also had the opportunity to get their bikes or their car tyres checked by mechanics, as well as ‘blind spot awareness’ which was carried out by a haulage company. Shell also hosted a technology deployment booth which showcased safety improvements.
Renata Halim, Shell’s Safety Day Focal Point, said: “The Safety Day is our biggest annual event and involves proactive involvement from everyone. This year’s theme was ‘Achieving Goal Zero... Because We Care’. 

“The vision of Goal Zero is ‘No Harm and No Leaks’, which is what we want to achieve every day, in every business.  This year’s activities were interactive, but at the same time educational which made it a great success.

“We have come a long way since our first Safety Day in 2007.  It marks a day for us to gather our resolve to achieving no harm and no leaks, which is what we strive for every day in our work.”