Top award for safety rep Andy

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Safety Rep Andy Nolan has won the Workforce Engagement Award at the UK Oil and Gas Industry Safety Awards.

Andy, who is an elected safety rep at Talisman Sinopec Energy UK, was honoured for actively embracing worker engagement on safety. The UK Oil and Gas Industry Safety Awards celebrate the amazing work people are doing to make the industry safer.

Andy, who has been a safety rep for four years, said: “Engaging with the workforce and providing opportunities for everyone to share their views and concerns is vital. The more perspectives you can bring into a conversation, the more opportunities you have to identify potential risks and hazards.

“We feel we have made a significant step forward through the introduction of our safety intervention system, iCare, which provides the tools for people to spot hazards and risks, but also good work practices and behaviours.

“The system requires that we have positive, face-to-face conversations. These conversations and agreed actions are then recorded so others can learn from them.

“We need to actively pursue engagement with all members of the workforce and never think that it’s a ‘job done’. We need to recognise and appreciate that this is an ongoing journey. We will make improvements, but we can’t become complacent or expect overnight success. We’re all in this together for the long run, and we all have a part to play.”