Tough Times: (Free) Apps to help

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It's been said that everyone in the oil and gas industry this year has had one of these three experiences: redundancy, the threat of redundancy, or the guilt of still having a job when your mates have lost theirs.  Tea Shack News spoke to several people who have some experience in this area and can help you cope with redundancy, boost morale offshore and help you with what to do next...

Money:  Mint Good Spender.  This will help you coordinate what comes into your account with what goes out.  You can customise the budget page in accordance with your lifestyle; just remember to change the $ to the £ under 'More'. 

It's not all bad:  Gratitude Journal.  It sounds cheesy, but there's a lot you can be thankful for in any situation: your kids, a godd night at the pub with friends or a kick around the park with a football.  This app helps you record highlights every day, whether it's by writing them down or taking photos. 

Sleep:  Sleep Cycle.  A lack of sleep makes everything seem worse so it's important you get enough.  This app tracks your sleep patterns and shows the best times to head to bed and wake up the next day.

Exercise:  Map My Run.  Exercise is one of the best ways to relieve stress.  If you're out on a run, this app will help you track your route, and how fast you run it.  It stores the data so you'll be able to look back and see how well you're doing. 

Do something for someone else:  There isn't an app for this.  Yet.  Taking your mind off your own situation and helping someone else in theirs is the best therapy for stress or anxiety.  How about volunteering at a local Food Bank or clearing an older person's driveway?  Think about the people around you and how you could help them.  And remember - it doesn't always have to involve money.