Understanding Occupational Health and Maintaining a Fit Workforce

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What does occupational health management mean to you? Is it something you have to do to meet legal requirements, or something you want to do to protect your employees? Is it providing a computer- generated COSHH assessment, or taking the time to consider how work tasks and working environments can be prepared to suit and protect your workforce? Most people are aware of what our industry requires, but do we really understand why?

We send our employees to medical providers for their health “MOT” every two years, but health, like our industry, can change considerably in a two-year period.

Taking the time to support the occupational health needs of your employees will not only benefit the employee, it will go a long way to supporting the health of our whole industry.

Providing in-house occupational health management ensures that support can be specifically tailored and delivered to the workforce.

Personalised, face-to-face screening sessions provide an opportunity for employees to discuss concerns in a confidential environment, that is not directly linked to their “ticket” to work offshore. This interaction also provides an opportunity to raise awareness of health hazards that may be specific to the individual and their trade, and to provide education on the importance of

protecting health and adhering to control requirements so that employees can develop their own understanding and take control of their current, and future health. Through this service, trusting relationships can be built between the organisation and the employee, and a mutual understanding of both role, and occupational health management requirements, can be

Supporting your employees’ health will benefit the whole industry

achieved. This is just one aspect of Health Risk Control which is just one part of the Management Processes from the Step Change in Safety Workplace Health Workbook. All of this is essential to ensure our industry maintains a fit and healthy workforce. We can only achieve this if everyone involved fully understands why Occupational Health Management is so crucial.