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Tea Shack News sat down with Bob Walker, chief engineer on the Teekay Petrojarl FPSO, Petrojarl Banff, to discuss what they do to create a safe working environment.

Hi Bob, we’ve been hearing a lot from different installations about their safety initiatives.  What have you done recently on Petrojarl Banff? 

Like a lot of other installations, we have Stop Cards and Safe Cards to record safety alerts.  Every card goes into a draw at the end of the month and the person who submitted the best card is given a small gift.  Anyone who has gone above normal safety expectations is given an ‘at a boy’ special gift.

The Petrojarl Banff is a smaller installation.  How do your OIMs get to know everyone on board?

After every crew change, the OIM holds a welcome meeting in the conference room to highlight recent events and make plans for the next few weeks.  Every new crew member has a one-to-one meeting with the OIM after their on-board safety induction.

Everyone must know each other really well, but how do you ensure there’s an open safety culture so workers can approach each other with their safety concerns?

We have an open-door policy so anyone can approach a member of the management team.  We’ve always operated with a no-blame culture so people don’t have any problems with stopping the job if they have a concern.

How do you make sure everyone knows the safety reps?

Safety reps wear a red safety helmet so they’re easily identifiable and their photos are on a safety rep noticeboard.  Their names are read out at all of the welcome meetings held by the OIMs.

Every installation has daily safety meetings, but what makes Petrojarl Banff particularly helpful for those on board?

We have a morning huddle with everyone before permits are issued.  The OIM begins the meeting with safety concerns, Safe Cards and Stop Cards.  Then the department leaders highlight the day’s activities and introduce any vendors or new crew members to the installation.  At the end of the meeting, there is an opportunity for anyone to comment or ask questions.

How about you?  How do you play your part?

I personally hold a daily toolbox talk with the entire maintenance department after permits are issued.  This is a really important safety moment and has value that lasts throughout the day.