• Published: 25 Apr 2024

A reminder on watertight doors

A reminder on watertight doors
A reminder on watertight doors

Description of Incident

Watertight doors that ought have been secured shut, were observed open during a safety walkaround. It’s worth reiterating the importance of watertight doors – the clue is in the name. Watertight doors are special types of doors found on vessels, which prevent the ingress of water from one compartment to other during flooding or accidents, and therefore act as a safety barrier limiting the spread of water inside the vessel.

SOLAS regulations mandate that watertight doors should be kept closed at sea except when in use – i.e. when thereis the need for crew to pass through them. (SOLAS: Chapter II-1, Part B-4, Regulation 22). The company’s own rules mandated this also: All watertight doors, scuttles, and fittings below the main deck shall always remain closed except when in use.

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