• Published: 20 Jun 2011
  • Incident ID: 3299

Class Frontal Fixed Rail Ladder (FRL) Fall Protection System

Cause & Consequence

  • Fall from height
Incident Consequence

Incident Location

Any Location Type

Incident Activity

Temporary access

Incident Info Source

Step change in safety

Specific Incident Equipment

Class Frontal Fixed Rail Ladder (FRL) Fall Protection System

Lessons Identified

Although equipment can meet the requirements of and be stamped with appropriate national standards, this does not guarantee worker safety. The equipment, it's application and it's associated need to be assessed for adaquacy.

Incident Recommendations

Employers who own or rent structures equipped with a Class FRL system must ensure that the system is capable of protecting a worker from ANY type of fall (including backward) before it is put into use. It is recommended that employers contact the manufacturers for guidance and assistance.

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