• Published: 28 Feb 2024

Confined space entry – tank cleaning

Confined space entry tank cleaning
Confined space entry tank cleaning

Description of Incident

Incident 1: What happened - worker required CPR

A worker was vacuuming, and the nozzle became stuck inside the tank. To free the nozzle, the worker - who was wearing a respirator with organic filters specifically used for working outside the tank - fully entered the tank, where he fell ill. Coworkers found the worker inside the tank. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) was administered to revive the worker.

Incident 2: What happened: worker almost passed out

A worker began to feel ill while conducting tank cleaning operations and attempted to exit the tank. While exiting, the worker nearly passed out. The worker initially appeared alert but was slow to answer questions, was sweating profusely, and then collapsed. A coworker revived the worker using CPR. The worker was flown ashore, and medical evaluation showed the worker had nonstress-induced cardiac arrythmia that may have contributed to the episode.

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