• Published: 1 Feb 2022

Contact between vessel in standby & offshore installation

Dent to ship image
Dent to ship image

Cause & Consequence

  • Contact with something fixed or stationary
  • Moving vehicle or vessel

Description of Incident

During a period of standing by an offshore installation, the 1st Officer on the vessel took over the watch at midnight with 1.2 nautical miles to the installation. The vessel was set on a course towards the installation which allowed the incident to evolve.

The 1st Officer attended administrative work and the designated lookout was keeping lookout. At 00:20 with 0.7 nautical miles from the installation, the lookout asked the 1st Officer for permission to use the computer leaving the lookout duties unattended. At the time the 1st Officer was carrying out a weekly radio check on the long-range radio. Just as the check was completed the vessel was called upon by other vessels inside the safety zone notifying them that they had entered the safety zone, at the time the distance was 250 metres from the installation.

The 1st Officer rushed to the manoeuvring station attempting to stop forward movement of the vessel. The 1st Officer intended to switch steering from autopilot to hand steering, however, accidentally switched into emergency steering instead. This caused the 1st Officer to lose control of the vessel and he failed to stop the forward movement.

The Master was called to the bridge, and by the time he arrived the distance to the installation was estimated to be 30 meters and still with a direct heading. The Master managed to turn the vessel to port, however the proximity to the installation and the vessel momentum resulted in the starboard side of the vessel contacting the installation.

The vessel suffered dents to the hull, which did not compromise the hull integrity or safety of the vessel. The installation was undamaged by the contact.

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