• Published: 21 Mar 2024

Crane boom collapse

Crane boom collapse
Crane boom collapse

Description of Incident

The UK HSE has fined an offshore drilling company after the catastrophic collapse of a crane boom. See here for the press release.

The HSE reported: “Nobody was hurt in the incident on 31 March 2016 but a chaotic scene ensued after the collapse of the Rowan Gorilla VII’s boom, with flying debris damaging a nearby vessel, whipping a hose out of control before it ruptured, leaving a cloud of cement dust.”

The event occurred as crew were preparing to recover a faulty submersible pump. As the crane operator raised the boom to clear one of the three legs of the installation, the boom failed catastrophically and collapsed. Three of the four boom sections fell to sea between the rig and the supply vessel alongside which was pumping dry cement to the rig via a flexible hose. The crane’s auxiliary hook, cables, components, and rig debris landed on the deck of the supply vessel. The boom tip snagged the flexible hose, dragging it below the sea surface, causing it to rupture and whip back onto the deck of the vessel engulfing it in fine cement dust.

Although no one was injured, there were at least five employees on and around the crane at the time of the collapse and thirteen crew onboard the supply vessel.

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