• Published: 25 Jan 2024

Deep fat fryer fire

Deep Fat Fryer Fire
Deep Fat Fryer Fire

Description of Incident

Catering crew had a lucky escape after switching on the galley equipment electrical isolators to start preparing for lunch. The supply breaker to the deep fat fryers tripped while the equipment was heating up and the engineers were called to reset it.

Two of the deep fat fryers had no oil in them and their heating elements quickly overheated when the power supply was restored after the breaker was reset. The ship’s alarm and monitoring system detected the excessive temperatures and the thermal protection tripped the deep fat fryers' power supply, but not before a fire had started.

The crew raised the alarm and used a fire blanket to quickly smother the flames. The ship's emergency team mustered, isolated the galley’s power and ventilation supplies and confirmed the fire was successfully extinguished. There was no damage and no injuries.

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