• Published: 21 Feb 2023

Disposable Vape Self-Ignition

Alerts Moments Disposable Vape Self Ignition
Alerts Moments Disposable Vape Self Ignition

Description of Incident

Fire pre-alarm was raised on the Bridge fire detection panel and accepted by the Duty Officer. Phone call immediately received from crew member to the Bridge informing there is an incident with a disposable vape in his cabin, however no immediate danger. Master arrived in bridge and was informed there is an unknown ongoing issue in crew members cabin with a disposable vape. On arrival to place of incident a slight smoke and smell of burning was noticed. Crew member explained that the disposable vape self-ignited on the table at which he was sitting in the chair with laptop on his lap. He immediately jumped and tried to extinguish burning vape with hands, but realising it was hot, instinctively threw it onto his bed where vape continued to burn on mattress. He used two T shirts to choke the fire.

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