• Published: 10 Dec 2014
  • Incident ID: 3571

Dropped guide sheave roller to drill floor

Cause & Consequence

  • Not Assigned
Incident Consequence
Not Assigned

Incident Location

Drilling unit

Incident Activity

Drilling, workover

Specific Incident Equipment

Hinged roller unit and R Clip.

Lessons Identified

  • The use of R-Clips attached to retaining chains on a moving item, in close proximity to another item will pose the risk of the R-Clips being inadvertently removed if the retaining chain gets caught and becomes tight.
  • It had not been highlighted by the supplier of the R-Clip that they had the potential for the clips to wear loose under frictional constraints.
  • Due to the R–Clips being certified as fit for purpose, no inspection schedule was required which would have identified the issue.

Incident Recommendations

  • Replace all R-Clips with split pins.
  • Every 10 joints during integrity testing, a visual inspection is to take place on the cable sheave.
  • Highlight visibility of replacement split pins by spray painting to clearly mark these.
  • Prevent collision of sheaves by fitting lateral retention lines.
  • Ensure area has appropriate signs and barriers with the drop zone identified.

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