• Published: 6 Dec 2016
  • Incident ID: 4021

Engagement Moment - A divided opinion of risk

Cause & Consequence

  • Other

Backup Contributing Factor

Change management, Communication, Culture, Commitment

Description of Process

Cleaning and sand blasting works within a large temporarily screened area around live hydrocarbon-containing plant.

Description of Incident

  • Cleaning and blasting on live hydrocarbon-containing lines
  • Concern that the enclosure prevented natural ventilation and allowed the potential for an explosive gas mixture
  • Concern was raised through the normal company channels but workers felt the issue was not sufficiently addressed. It escalated to a complaint by a Si971 safety rep to the HSE
  • HSE inspectors visited the installation and the complaint was upheld. All work stopped in the enclosed area
  • The safety rep’s actions were praised by the operator and the HSE

Good Practice Guidance

  • The communication process for managing issues raised by safety reps has been reviewed since the breakdown between the offshore management team and safety reps
  • On this particular installation, a new process is now in place to manage safety critical impairments (ORAs). Also a new procedure is now in place for sand blasting and cleaning on live pipework

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