• Published: 25 Jan 2024

Engineer scalded

Engineer scalded
Engineer scalded

Description of Incident

The MSF published Safety Alert 23-14 in which an engineer received severe scalding injuries when working in the engine room.

The incident occurred during operations on a platform supply vessel (PSV). The engine alarm system was activated due to low level in the high temperature cooling water circuit on one diesel generator. The engineer examined the generator and identified a leak from one of the rubber compensators. He installed a new compensator and began filling the system with water. He went down to inspect the newly installed compensator to ensure it was not leaking.

While standing in front of the compensator, another nearby compensator burst and the engineer was exposed to a blast of steam and scalding water. The engineer suffered partial thickness burns to the face and upper body. First aid treatment was administered on site and he was medevac’d to hospital. He made a full recovery after spending some time in hospital.

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