• Published: 2 Nov 2011
  • Incident ID: 3396

Failure of Boat Rescue Release Mechanism

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Incident Recommendations

All vessels are hereby instructed to immediately 1. Check the painter release mechanisms on their rescue boats. Once the mechanism is released either manually or by pulling on the release wire the locking lever must spring back into the locked position.2. If this does not spring back into place with sufficient force and lock the mechanism, the boat must NOT be launched until the deficiency has been rectified.3. A weekly check of the painter release mechanism is to be included into the rescue boat checks and entered into the planned maintenance system.4. Immediately prior to launching the rescue boat, a check must be made that the painter is secured correctly in the boat and on the vessel. This must be confirmed by another member of the launch party.5. Review the onboard procedure and risk assessment for launching/recovery of the rescue boat at sea with the vessel making headway and incorporate any further required reference to the checking of the painter release mechanism

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