• Published: 20 Sep 2023

Fall from pilot ladder

2 Fall from pilot ladder
2 Fall from pilot ladder

Description of Incident

A Chief Officer slipped and fell from a pilot ladder onto a lifeboat, suffering minor bruising. The incident occurred on a vessel which was coming to the end of ten days spent alongside in a shipyard. The crew were performing a last pre-departure mandatory drill, which was a man overboard recovery with the lifeboat afloat, combined with the periodic over-boarding sea trial of the lifeboat itself. A Pilot ladder has been rigged to join the lifeboat which was already lowered into the water.

The Chief Officer climbed down the ladder, and as he did so it suddenly slid downward. He let go of the ladder immediately for fear of getting his hands caught between the sliding ladder and the hull and fell about 2m directly onto the lifeboat. He was able to clamber safely back on board. The next morning, he reported small bruises on his chest: no medicines were prescribed, and he continued to work normally.

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