• Published: 26 May 2011
  • Incident ID: 3181

Flare system impaired by cooling water loss

Cause & Consequence

  • Fire or explosion
Incident Consequence

Incident Location

Fixed Installation

Incident Activity

Any Activity Type

Incident Info Source

Team Leader - OSD 3.1 Process Integrity

Specific Incident Equipment

A bursting disc protecting the seawater side (shell side) of a high pressure gas intercooler suffered a low pressure in service failure. This resulted in an uncontrolled flow of seawater into a platform flare system.

Lessons Identified

The incident highlights the need for duty holders to be aware of the potential for impairment of the flare relief system from the uncontrolled flow of cooling water/cooling medium into the flare knock out drum as a result of the bursting disc rupture.

Incident Recommendations

The entire alert 01/2008 issued by the Health and Safety Executive can be viewed via the attached link.

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