• Published: 26 Jun 2023

Fork fractured whilst forklift in operation

Broken fork
Broken fork

Description of Process

Forklift operations

Description of Incident

A forklift operator was rotating a fully loaded skip when the right-hand fork fractured just below the lower fork mounting Boss.

The load was set down on the ground with no further incident.


•LOLER inspection was in date and daily check completed prior to incident•The right-hand fork fractured immediately below the lower mounting boss support (image 1)•The left-hand fork was removed, cleaned and inspected – the lower mounting boss was found to be cracked (images 2 & 3) in a similar area to the right-hand fork •Both forks appear to have suffered from fatigue fractures across the lower mounting boss causing the complete fracture of the right-hand fork•Overloading is not considered a contributing factor in this incident

Good Practice Guidance

Recommendations from forklift provider:

•A schedule of MPI crack testing to be adopted, - carried out every 6 months alongside the LOLER checks already being undertaken.

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