• Published: 12 May 2011
  • Incident ID: 3124

Gas Rack Fell From Trailer During Forklift Operation

Cause & Consequence

  • Release of a harmful substance
Incident Consequence

Incident Location

Any Location Type

Incident Activity

Lifting, crane, rigging, deck operations

Incident Info Source

Specific Incident Equipment

No details available

Lessons Identified

Identified Hazards:

•Risk of injury to personnel

•Risk of damage to plant or equipment

•Risk of Environmental damage (spills or releases to atmosphere)

Incident Recommendations

Required Controls:

•Ensure all forklift operators are aware of their responsibility to fully assess all lifts prior to loading / offloading operations.

•When items are being loaded / unloaded side by side the assistance of a “Spotter” must be used to ensure safe handling of these items.

•Ensure controls in place at all sites to insist on personnel remaining clear of risk areas during cargo handling operations

•Do not operate equipment and Stop the Job if anyone enters or refuses to vacate the identified risk areas

•Review your Site procedures / risk assessments for loading gas racks or side by side items

•Communicate details of this incident and control measures to all personnel

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