• Published: 12 May 2011
  • Incident ID: 3148

Glycol Soaked Insulation Self Ignited

Cause & Consequence

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Specific Incident Equipment

lagging, glycol exchanger

Lessons Identified

Glycol self-ignited in the glycol soaked insulation (mineral wool).- Self ignition occurs due to oxidation of glycol causing a temperature increase to the point where it, or the material, self ignites.- This type of chain reaction has been well documented in bundles of oily rags.- There have been previous instances of this occurring with glycol contaminated insulation.

Incident Recommendations

When disposing of any contaminated material such as old insulation or rags, they must be doused in water prior to being bagged and sealed.- Do not overfill disposal bags and keep the quantities of bundled contaminated material small.- The above precaution must be included in the work permit and members of the work team made aware of the possibility of self ignition.

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