• Published: 3 Jun 2024

Hand and finger injuries

Hand and finger injuries
Hand and finger injuries

Description of Incident

Hand and finger injuries continue to be a significant theme in the incidents shared with IMCA by its members. This is a summary of two recent examples from members.

STOP! Take the time to think things through before starting work. Your hands and fingers are the best tools you have – and you only have one set of them.

Incident 1: Crush injury to right hand small finger

A worker suffered a crushed right little finger whilst moving the moonpool door ram. The ram was placed on a flat pallet at the time, so the potential for movement was high. The movement of the ram crushed the worker’s finger causing a spit in the skin and a fracture.

Incident 2: First Aid Case – OUCH!

A completely unnecessary hand injury When removing the ceiling plates in the main deck instrument room, a worker cut his hand on a ceiling plate, which had sharp edges. The worker was not wearing gloves – as should have been the case. Wearing gloves would have prevented the injury.

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