• Published: 12 Oct 2023

Hand Injury Whilst Using Portable Hand Grinder

Hand Injury Whilst Using Portable Hand Grinder
Hand Injury Whilst Using Portable Hand Grinder

Description of Incident


Cutting of gratings to create end strips using a 9-inch hand grinder.

  • The grinder cutting disc disintegrated during use
  • This caused the grinder to kick and twist in the IPs hands, and for the remnants of the rotating disc to come in to contact with the palm of the IPs left hand
  • This caused a 5cm laceration to the pad of the hand just below the operators little finger
  • The IP (Injured Party) was seen by the platform medic and the following day flown to the beach to receive hospital treatment where the wound was cleaned and stitched


The size of grinder used during the task (9 Inch) was larger than required resulting in increased kick back and awkward position during operation.

Incorrect PPE was worn during the task. The gloves worn were not on the company PPE Matrix and did not provide adequate cut protection from grinding.

The disc may have been faulty due to centre boss instability. (This is to be confirmed once manufacturer has complete associated testing)

Good Practice Guidance

  • Do not use a grinder that is larger, heavier or more powerful than is necessary, as it is much easier to control a lighter tool. The increased power and size of the 9-inch grinder will cause more severe kickback.
  • Ensure that the correct type or size of disc is used for the task being performed. The wrong disc could shatter or ‘grab’ the material causing kickback.
  • When using a grinder fitted with a cutting disc, keep the depth of cut to no more than double the disc thickness and avoid plunging the disc too far through the material. This could ‘grab’ the disc and cause kickback.
  • A risk assessment to identify alternative methods and tools should be carried out prior to selecting a 9-inch (230 mm) angle grinder. For example, a Cengar saw or smaller grinder.
  • Correct PPE to worn when using Grinder with adequate cut protection and wrist protection. (Cut Level 5 Gloves with Wrist Protection).

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