• Published: 20 Jun 2011
  • Incident ID: 3272

Hand struck by skip lid

Cause & Consequence

  • Moving, flying or falling object
Incident Consequence

Incident Location

Drilling unit

Incident Activity

Drilling, workover

Incident Info Source

Specific Incident Equipment

Discharge hose and Clamp Drill Cuttings Skip

Lessons Identified

Personnel were told to fully open skip lids at a pre-job meeting, but this was not followed. Always follow procedures and instructions.

·Other personnel were aware that skip lids had been partially opened, but did not correct this soon enough. Immediate intervention would have prevented the incident.
  • Lifting slings on skips that obstructed the lid from being fully opened should have been moved out of the way.

Incident Recommendations

Where the task requires opening a skip lid, the lid must be fully opened and laid flat.

·Use positive retention means to secure lids in the open position if equipment and weather conditions dictate.

·Procedures and Risk assessments must be followed.

·Failing to intervene is an unsafe act itself. Re-iterate the duty to intervene.

·When there is a significant change to an operation a time out for safety should be called to re-assess the operations, think plan and risk assessments.

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