• Published: 2 Jul 2020

Helideck events - foreign object debris awareness


Description of Process

Helicopter operations.

Description of Incident

1) Helideck gutter railing detached from edge of helideck creating significant helideck coating debris and degradation of helideck surface

2) Unserviceable perimeter light highlighted extensively corroded lighting cable covers creating potential FOD hazard

Good Practice Guidance

  • Ensure appropriate preventative maintenance tasks are in place to maintain CAP 437 compliance and minimise degradation of helideck surface and associated areas; do the checks require to be increased to achieve this outcome?
  • Always engage with aviation team to ensure all stakeholders are advised and no precautionary limitations are required on helicopter operations in accordance with the asset performance standard and CAP 437
  • Discuss events with asset team members to raise awareness of potential foreign object debris hazards
  • Reiterate the importance of continued vigilance required whilst carrying out pre and post flight checks, reporting any issues ASAP

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