• Published: 3 Jun 2024

IADC - Inspector Fatally Injured While Inspecting an Enclosed Facility Crane

IADC 24 4
IADC 24 4

Description of Incident

An inspector was fatally injured while inspecting a gantry crane at an indoor enclosed compressor

station. The gantry crane had a walkway with limited clearance, only about 2 inches, between the

handrail and the overhead ceiling beam.

The inspector was positioned facing north, towards the handrail and away from the direction of

crane travel, as they inspected the J-bolts. The crane operator moved the crane from the north to

the south wall, with the inspector standing on the crane walkway. The location of the walkways

made it difficult for the operator of the crane, who was positioned at the crane controls on the

engine level walkway, to maintain line of sight with the inspector on the far end of the crane

walkway. Without clear visual or audible communication, the operator was unaware of the

inspector's positioning as the crane approached the overhead beam.

The fatal incident occurred when the moving crane pinned the inspector between the handrail and

the overhead ceiling beam, due to the severe crush hazard created by the limited clearance.

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