• Published: 2 Jul 2012
  • Incident ID: 3441

Improper body position results in injury to mouth

Cause & Consequence

  • Handling, lifting or carrying
Incident Consequence

Incident Location

Drilling unit

Incident Activity

Drilling, workover

Lessons Identified


  • Worker used a break-over binder instead of a ratchet binder.
  • Worker positioned self in the “line of fire” of the binder handle such that when his he lost his grip on the handle it him in the face.

Incident Recommendations

CORRECTIVE ACTIONS: To address this incident, this company did the following:

  • All employees were reminded that pre-Job safety analyses and discussions should continue to be standard operating procedure when performing job tasks.
  • Workers were instructed to exercise their right to “Stop Work Authority” and ask their supervisor for guidance if they feel that something is unsafe. Workers not only have the right but they have the responsibility to bring unsafe conditions and potential unsafe actions to their supervisor’s attention so he can address them before doing the work.
  • Workers were reminded to use ratchet-style binders for tightening chains to restrain loads and that break-over binders shall not be used. All break-over binders should be removed from the workplace so they cannot be used inadvertently by uninformed workers. All worksites should have spare ratchet-style binders available in case a vendor arrives onsite without the proper binder so that break-over binders are not inadvertently used.
  • Supervisors were instructed to notify vendors of the prohibition of the use of break-over binders on worksite locations.
  • Work orders and contracts require that contractors not use break-over style binders. Send a written notice to existing contractors that no loads are to arrive at the worksite using break-over binders to hold down loads.
  • Workers were reminded that break-over binder manufacturing companies recommend against the use of cheater pipes when either closing or opening lever binders.
  • Supervisors were instructed to disseminate this Safety Alert to truck drivers, riggers, coiled-tubing contractors and other workers who may handle binders or restrain loads so that they are aware of their “Stop Work Authority” and the prohibition of use of break-over binders.

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