• Published: 12 May 2022

Inoperable internal handle on helicopter door

Inoperable internal handle on helicopter door image
Inoperable internal handle on helicopter door image

Cause & Consequence

  • Other

Contributing Factor

  • Communication
  • Commitment

Description of Incident

  • An H175 aircraft arrived on a Not Permanently Attended Installation (NPAI) – as the platform is unmanned, no helideck crew meet the aircraft on arrival.
  • The Helicopter Landing Operator (HLO) reported to the Offshore Installation Manager (OIM) he was unable to open the side door from inside the aircraft after landing.
  • The OIM informed the pilots of the issue via internal comms headset and the pilot successfully opened the door from the outside of the aircraft.
  • The helideck team departed the aircraft to unload the passengers and baggage and the aircraft returned to base with only the crew members onboard as planned.
  • The OIM informed the helicopter operator and requested the door was inspected.
  • The door was inspected and assessed by an engineer – it was identified that the upper rear latch was slightly out of alignment and was therefore adjusted and lubricated – this sort of adjustment isn’t unusual and will be carried out from time to time.
  • The aircraft will undergo a turnaround inspection and, the doors ability to close correctly will be assessed, as will the indication system.

The normal maintenance schedule for the door is a visual and functional check as part of daily inspections. The doors are also checked for serviceability at every return to base.

No definitive cause can be provided. As with all mechanical systems, normal wear and tear will affect it as will how forceful, or not, a person closes it. The door had functioned normally on the same day when it flew the previous flight.

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