• Published: 26 May 2011
  • Incident ID: 3163

IP gets trapped between mini container and 20' half height

Cause & Consequence

  • Not Assigned
Incident Consequence

Incident Location

Any Location Type

Incident Activity

Lifting, crane, rigging, deck operations

Incident Info Source

keith Dawson ,, 01224 288136

Specific Incident Equipment

Crane, cargo, half height

Lessons Identified

All lifting operations must be fully supervised at all times. IP fails to recognize the risks associated with the hazardous area which he moved into. Not enough attention was given to escape routes form this hazardous area. On this occasion whilst the IP has over twenty years onshore and offshore experience, this role was relatively new to him. Whilst he has the necessary training to perform the role, his lack of competence was established to be a root cause. At the time of the incident supervision whilst present, was from a distance. All lifting operations must be ‘appropriately supervised’ at all times. Tool box talk failed to identify inexperienced employee. Whilst a tool box talk had taken place, the content was minimal, with no two way conversation encouraged. Tool box talks must encourage two way communication and appropriate consideration given to roles and responsibilities. Communication between crane and slingers must be present at all times during lifting operations.

Incident Recommendations

During all lifting operations communication must be maintained between crane and deck crew. Lifting procedures must be complied with at all times even if it means delaying until sufficient personnel are present to complete the task safely.Ensure competence checks are completed and communicated to supervisors. Pre task risk assessment should identify competency and experience of participants and be communicated to everyone involved in the task.Crane Operator should refuse to carry out the lift ifhe determines insufficient personnel are present to complete the task safely.

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