• Published: 12 May 2011
  • Incident ID: 3128

Knives on Site

Cause & Consequence

  • Handling, lifting or carrying
Incident Consequence

Incident Location

Any Location Type

Incident Activity


Incident Info Source

Specific Incident Equipment

Pen knife

Lessons Identified

Identified Hazards

• Lacerations, Risk of minor, serious, or disabling injury

Incident Recommendations

• Full ASCO and contractor personnel Compliance with ASCO Knife Policy HSEQP034 extract below:

4. CONTROL OF USE OF KNIVES ON SITEWherever practicable the use of knives on site should be eliminated.Where this is not possible and it is determined that knives are a required and acceptable tool within the operations the following conditions must be satisfied:

1. A full risk assessment must be carried out and controls identified to minimise risk

2. The job task must be reviewed and a suitable style of knife to minimise risk identified3. Identified suitable job specific knives should be provided by the company for use on those tasks

4. The issue of knives should be documented and controlled using the ASCO Site Knife register Doc No.HSEQF0345. The blade should be of the minimum length required to fulfil its’ approved task function.

6. Wherever possible when a sharp point is not essential round ended blades should be provided to minimise the risk of stabbing injuries

7. All blades should be folding or retractable

8. Folding blades must have a locking mechanism to prevent accidental folding

9. Damaged knives should be removed from service and returned for replacement10. The use of unauthorised knives on site is prohibited


1. Suitable carrying pouches should also be provided for safe carriage of knives

2. Knives should not be carried in pockets

3. Knives should not be left lying unattended and available for unauthorised use

4. Knives should not be removed from the workplace and suitable storage facilities should be provided for safe custody of knives when not in use

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