• Published: 2 Mar 2012
  • Incident ID: 3416

Legionella Identified in Vessels Shower Heads

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Lessons Identified

All of the company vessels were reminded of the maintenance requirements for Fresh Water Tanks and Distribution Systems as per MGN 397 (M+F) Guidelines for the Provision of Food and Fresh Water on Merchant Ships and Fishing Vessels, and the following instructions were issued by the company;-

All shower heads must be cleaned in a 50 ppm chlorine solution at intervals not exceeding 3 months as per the company’s planned maintenance system, especially those in unused cabins.

Incident Recommendations

In the interests of safety and hygiene onboard, all vessels are instructed to clean all shower heads in a 50 ppm chlorine solution as soon as possible and update the planned maintenance system.

This is perhaps a timely reminded to members that Legionella can develop in water distribution systems given favorable conditions and that preventative planned maintenance is essential in ensuring the control of Legionella.

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