• Published: 4 Oct 2016
  • Incident ID: 3998

Lifeboat launch capability compromised

Cause & Consequence

  • Other

Other Cause & Consequence

Inadequate implementation of Hazard identification process

Backup Contributing Factor

Change management, Complacency, Control of work

Description of Process

Secondary Lifeboat (not normally used) required in the event of a primary lifeboat being unavailable.

Description of Incident

Scaffolding had been erected to allow safe access for vendor personnel access to surrounding structure, this involved erecting scaffold in close proximity to the lifeboat. During a worksite visit it was noted that the scaffold had been erected around the winch chain on the aft end of the lifeboat.
It was identified that the opening left to allow the winch chain and winch block to pass through was significantly smaller than the winch block itself thus compromising the launching capability of the lifeboat. On the underside of the scaffold boards there was a scaffold pole support that would also have impaired the descent of the lifeboat.

Good Practice Guidance

During work preparation it is good practice to consider Major Accident Hazard implications and change management. In this case Impairing the functionality of the lifeboat had not been fully considered by those involved in the preparation for work risk assessment.

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