• Published: 19 Dec 2011
  • Incident ID: 3404

Live & Listen / Develop & Follow Smart Safety Procedures

Cause & Consequence

  • Moving machinery or material being machined
Incident Consequence

Incident Location

Any Location Type

Incident Activity

Sea transport

Incident Recommendations

Although the investigations are not yet complete and other causal factors may be discovered the Coast Guard strongly recommends that Owners/Operators, Classification Society Surveyors, vessel managers and those involved with the inspection of vessels to ensure that:

• regardless of how “its been done before,” develop and implement operational, maintenance and repair procedures, including a focus on safety precautions for any element of vessel operations that presents a risk of injury or death;

• every crewmember working in remote spaces be provided with radio or similar communication devices to ensure instant communication with others onboard;

• effective lock out and tag out systems are utilized and involve all persons working on a particular system as responsible parties for the process and clearing;

• verbal acknowledgements from involved personnel of “All Clear” are required prior to the remote starting of any system when work is taking place on or near the system;

• work actually upon or near live machinery is prohibited while other work is being performed on the same machinery; and

For crewmembers, the Coast Guard strongly recommends:

• Review frequently and ensure that safe work practices and procedures are always followed.

• If safe work procedures and safe working practices are not available request that they be developed. Study them, raise questions, don’t embrace methods or procedures that present risk, even if it has always been done like that before.

• Listen to your shipmates when warnings of potential dangers are given.

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