• Published: 20 May 2024

LTI – Compound Fracture of Right Foot

LTI Compound Fracture of Right Foot
LTI Compound Fracture of Right Foot

Description of Incident

The incident occurred onboard a Service Operation Vessel (SOV), performing Walk-2-Work duties at an offshore windfarm. The vessel was positioned port side on to the Wind Turbine Generator (WTG) with the maximum wave height of 3m impacting the port quarter and swell of 2.8m impacting the starboard bow.

With the vessel in an optimal position relative to the connection point on the WTG and the prevailing weather, the gangway operator was given permission to make the connection. The gangway operator stood at the base of the telescoping access bridge and used the walk[1]around box (mobile remote control) to make the connection, which is customary. The gangway operator had difficulty in making the connection due to the vessel movement and retracted the gangway to re-assess the weather conditions. The weather conditions were determined to be within the capabilities of the gangway system and a second attempt was made to connect. The gangway operator again was unable to make the connection and retracted the gangway. It was during this retraction that the telescoping section of the gangway frame travelled over the gangway operators’ right foot, entrapping it, and causing the compound fracture of the foot.

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