• Published: 25 Apr 2024

Main bell wire rope failed destructive test

Main bell wire rope failed destructive test
Main bell wire rope failed destructive test

Description of Incident

A main bell wire rope sample from a DSV failed to an adequate safety factor after 245 bell runs since installation. Following this failure of the annual breaking load test the DSV reported a premature retirement of the main dive bell wire rope after it had been in service for approximately eighteen months from March 2021 to October 2022.IMCA D018 Code of Practice for the Initial and Periodic Examination, Testing, and Certification of Diving Plant and Equipment guidelines are to perform visual inspection every 6 months and perform destructive tests (DT) upon installation and on an annual basis. IMCA D018 guidelines allow up to 10% reduction in minimum breaking load (MBL). Visual inspection and DT were carried out on board in line with IMCA guidelines.

The scheduled maintenance annual breaking load test completed in October 2022 achieved a breaking load of 99.9 tonnes (980 kN) 30% below MBL. In accordance with IMCA guidelines, a second test was permitted and achieved a breaking load of 108.6 tonnes (1065 kN) 24% below MBL.

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