• Published: 20 Jun 2024

Manual Handling - Person in Line of Fire

Manual Handling Person in Line of Fire
Manual Handling Person in Line of Fire

Description of Incident

A warehouse and yard worker was rolling a flex stabilizer on a sawhorse rack. One end of the tool dropped from the rack, causing the opposite end to fatally strike him.

Why did it happen?

  • The worker approached the flex stabilizer intending to move it along the sawhorse rack by rolling it. As the tool started rolling along the sawhorse rack, the worker followed the movement parallel to the sawhorse rack arms.
  • The flex stabilizer has different outer diameters (OD) on each end and completed about 3 to 4 rotations around the X axis, when the difference in OD caused the tool to pivot. The pin end of the flex stabilizer rotated approximately 7 inches inside the sawhorse rack arms.
  • As the flex stabilizer began to pivot, the pin end of the tool started to drop off the sawhorse rack arm. The worker reacted by grabbing the other end of the tool to stop the movement. As the pin end dropped, it caused the other end of the tool to rapidly raise and lift the worker into the air, who then fell on two other tools located in front of the sawhorse rack. Upon falling on the other tools, the flex stabilizer came to rest on top of the worker.

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