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Step Change in Safety is committed to working with the UK oil and gas industry to continually improve safety and make the UKCS the safest oil and gas province in the world in which to work.

An essential part of that mission is learning from previous experiences through collaboration. Our searchable catalogue of hundreds of Safety Alerts and Safety Moments are all designed as learning resources that can help improve workplace safety. All contributions remain anonymous to encourage sharing within the industry. No company names, platforms, fields, locations, dates and individuals are referred to in our Safety Alerts and Moments.

Safety Alerts give details of events surrounding an incident or near miss and provide good practice guidance in order to prevent similar issues. Safety Moments are downloadable PowerPoint presentations detailing an incident, near miss or good practice, and which provide discussion points and related resources for use as learning tools.

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Eye Safety

Damage to the eye has the potential to impact eyesight, therefore it is important that they are protected from hazards in order to avoid…

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Eye image


Ergonomics is the ‘fit’ between people and their work. You should put people first, taking account of their capabilities and limitations…

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Ergonomics image

CO2 firefighting systems

This Safety Alert / Lesson Learned has been raised to highlight an observation involving the CO2 firefighting system onboard a vessel. The…

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CO2 Firefighting system image


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