• Published: 12 Oct 2023

Parting of Valve Causing Significant Injury

Parting of Valve Causing Significant Injury
Parting of Valve Causing Significant Injury

Description of Incident

Maintenance was planned on a defective valve inside an APV compressor room. Work had been completed, and the valve was changed out.

Personnel were in the process of returning the system back online – the isolation valve was opened, causing the valve/fitting to rupture, releasing 300 bar (4,351 psi) of airflow from 4 x 1665 litre accumulator bottles into the room.

At the time of the incident, two IPs were present near the opened valve.

IP-A was hit by airflow/debris and was thrown against the bulkhead, causing significant injury to the left leg and upper body.

IP-B managed to escape the area without injury and raised the alarm. IP-A was transported to the rig’s sick bay before medivac to ABZ hospital.

As a result, a Time Out For Safety (TOFS) was held.


  • Isolation was not suitable – single isolation achieved.
  • Principles of HSG253 Safe Isolation and Reinstatement of Plant were not followed.
  • Risk assessment did not suitably address "Stored Energy" Hazard.
  • No isolation/de-isolation procedures in place.
  • Lack of familiarisation on the equipment.

Good Practice Guidance

  • Ensure HSG253 principles are adopted within Isolation procedures - ensuring suitable risk assessment is undertaken and level of isolation chosen is appropriate.
  • Verify and confirm isolation procedures are being followed at site by supervision.
  • Ensure personnel are familiar with the expectations of HSG253 and are trained in how to achieve the right standard of isolation.
  • Ensure suitable rig-specific procedures are in place Toolbox Talk with all personnel involved in the task.

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