• Published: 25 Apr 2024

Person slipped climbing out of tank

Person slipped climbing out of tank
Person slipped climbing out of tank

Description of Incident

A crew person was injured getting out of a fresh water tank on a vessel. The incident occurred during cleaning of the tank. The injured person was in the process of exiting the tank for a rest break. He was on the same level as the entry/exit hatch for the tank. As he was heading to the tank exit hatch, he slipped and during the fall he reached out with his right hand to help cushion his fall. He has been carrying a torch in one hand, nothing in the other.

He was attended to in the ships hospital for treatment and then it was necessary for him to be taken ashore for further medical treatment. He was unable to return to the vessel due to the nature of the injury – a closed fracture of the right forearm.

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